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    What is the situation of cracking of inner and outer rubber layer in hydraulic h

    If there is a relatively large failure of the hydraulic hose, it may lead to the failure of the whole hose, such as oil leakage or bursting of the sand holes in the tube body, etc. Under these circumstances, it can not be repaired, but a new hose has to be replaced. If the following situation occurs in the inner and outer rubber layers, the relevant maintenance personnel should also consider replacing the rubber hose as soon as possible.
    1. Crack of outer glue layer. Construction machinery constructed outdoors suffers from aging and deterioration of the outer rubber layer of rubber hose due to the exposure to sunshine and rain. As long as slight bending occurs in the use of rubber hose, tiny cracks will occur. Over time, the outer rubber layer of rubber hose will crack.
    2. Inner glue layer cracks. The cracking of rubber layer in hydraulic hose is usually caused by hardening of inner rubber layer, which is directly caused by the failure of plasticizer in inner rubber layer. There are three reasons for the failure of the plasticizer in the inner rubber layer, one is that the oil in the rubber tube is overheated, resulting in the release of the plasticizer from the inner rubber layer; the other is that when the oil flows through the hydraulic cylinder, valve and other components of the system, it will decompose because of the large pressure drop, and the decomposed product will react with the plasticizer. Thirdly, the hydraulic oil used is incompatible with the material of the rubber layer in the rubber tube and reacts with the plasticizer.
    The failure of inner rubber layer of hydraulic hose is not easy to detect, so we need to strengthen the maintenance, regular maintenance is very necessary. If the inner rubber layer cracks, it may be caused by too hot oil, or it may be due to the mutual exclusion of hydraulic oil and inner rubber layer materials, regardless of which, we need to pay attention to avoid accidents.

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