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    Generator Start-up Failure of Doushan Vehicle Pipeline

    Many chemical equipment and mechanical facilities have very precise design, and the operation needs to be strictly in accordance with the process. The pipeline of Doosan whole truck refers to a kind of pipeline in the hydraulic system. Its design plays an important role in the transmission of fluid in the whole Doosan whole truck. Compared with the pipeline, its system arrangement is more reasonable. But if we don't pay attention to the usual maintenance, it will probably break down. So how do we deal with the pneumatic fault of its generator?
    1. It is forbidden to change engine oil or fuel oil on time. In winter, it is difficult for the engine to start if the oil and fuel with low viscosity are not changed in time.
    2. It is forbidden to start fire at the oil pan and intake pipe. In order to prevent fire, gentle fire and coal fire are used to bake the oil pan of the engine at a certain distance. Meanwhile, the crankshaft is rotated slowly so that the oil is uniformly heated and lubricated in all parts. If ignited at the intake pipe of the engine, the ash and hard debris produced by combustion will be sucked into the cylinder, resulting in inadequate closure of the intake and exhaust valves and accelerating the wear and tear of the cylinder.
    3. It is forbidden to start without coolant or boiling water. When the engine starts and coolant is added, the hot cylinder liner, cylinder head and other important parts will burst or deform because of sudden cold; if the boiling water at lOO (?) is added to the cold body, the cylinder head and body will also be cracked, which should be added when the coolant temperature drops to 60-70 (?)
    4. No pulling start. When the engine is pulled to start under the condition of oil viscosity, the wear and tear between the moving parts will be aggravated, thus the service life of the locomotive will be reduced.
    5. It is forbidden to inject gasoline directly into the intake pipe. The ignition point of gasoline is lower than that of diesel, which burns first. Therefore, the direct injection of gasoline into the intake pipe will make the engine work roughly and produce a strong knocking phenomenon. In serious cases, engine reversal can also occur.
    The pipeline of Doushan Vehicle is fixed, but the pressure on different parts of the pipeline is different, so we should be careful when using it. We should not neglect the aerodynamic faults of the engine. We must treat them carefully. We should also take time to clean and maintain it regularly, and carefully check whether its components are in normal condition before each use. Only in this way can it be guaranteed to work for us permanently.

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