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    Test Bench of Hydraulic Rubber Tube

    Hydraulic hose has many kinds, different structures and different environmental conditions. Therefore, its service life can not be generalized. If it is used in harsh conditions, it is very likely to reduce its service life. Therefore, we try our best to create a good service condition for it. Building a test-bed for it can play a very good protective role.
    In the process of making rubber hose, it is necessary to press the buckle, but because there is no pressure testing equipment, the processed hydraulic rubber hose can not be tested. If the buckle is released in use, it will cause great potential safety hazards. In order to solve this problem, we can design a hydraulic rubber hose test-bed.
    According to the existing equipment spare parts, a rubber hose test-bed is designed and processed, which can test the pressure of self-processed rubber hose, thus ensuring the quality of rubber hose and avoiding safety accidents caused by the quality of rubber hose. In order to solve the problem of pressure instability caused by the frequent use of emulsifier supplied by emulsifier pump, a YDF type liquid control valve was added to the intake loop to stabilize the test pressure.
    The design of hydraulic hose test-bed effectively guarantees the quality and safety of hose and avoids the emergence of safety problems. Therefore, it can be used as a reference for relevant manufacturers. As long as careful calculation and strict testing are carried out, the test-bed can play its due detection role, protect the safety of processing and production, and do it for manufacturers. Make due contributions.

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